Are you stuck with a leaking bathroom pipe? Is your toilet flush not working well? For many such plumbing issues, you can either call a handyman or a professional commercial plumber. Unlike a handyman who does not specialise in any particular field, a commercial plumber in Londonderry will have proper certifications, licenses, and experience to work on different plumbing issues.

While a handyman may leave the job half done, a commercial plumber will always fix all issues and assure long term guarantee for the same. Moreover, hiring a commercial plumber will help you get insurance coverage on the installation services. Apart from this, there’s an extensive list of advantages that you can get if you hire a professional plumber for the job. Read on to know more.

Four benefits of hiring commercial plumbers

Use the right set of tools

A commercial plumber will bring the most advanced and correct set of tools to fix the plumbing issues. On the contrary, a handyman might use standard tools or the wrong tool, damaging the pipes further. Hence hiring professionals might cost you more, but you can save the repair costs in future. Moreover, they are confident with their job and therefore can easily mend all the issues without fail.

Completes work within time

A handyman might delay the plumbing process as they are inexperienced and may not be able to detect the advanced problems. Thus repairing the damage will take a lot of time. On the contrary, a professional knows every nook and corner of your plumbing system and can readily fix the same.

Additional product warranties

With a commercial plumber, you can enjoy the benefit of product warranties. If they need to change a pipe or a drainage system, they will provide a guarantee and insurance coverage for the same.

Commercial pipe upgrades

For flawless commercial pipe upgrades, hiring professionals is the best option. They know the process of fixing the pipes to ensure that no property damage is caused due to the faulty drainage systems. Hence for commercial plumbing issues like unpleasant odours from faulty drains, replacement of outdated pipes and reduced water pressure, contact a commercial plumber.

To avoid distressing situations due to drain damage, call commercial plumbers from CPH Plumbing Heating Ltd. We offer a wide range of plumbing solutions to our clients 24/7. We offer fully insured plumbing services to ensure that your drain pipes are leakage free and in perfect functioning condition.