Are you getting cold water from your boiler suddenly? There can be many reasons that can lead to the sudden breakdown of your boiler. From broken pipes to pressure faults – the reasons remain unknown until the professional mechanics determine the same. Whenever you face a problem, hire a qualified technician for boiler repair in Londonderry. A qualified technician will be able to identify the code of the problem and resolve the issues to fix your boiler at the earliest. If needed, they will also replace the damaged parts so that the boiler functions well.

What are the common issues that cause a boiler to break?

Frozen Pipe

The boiler’s condensate pipe is responsible for transporting acidic water in the boiler. Sometimes the pipe may freeze, leading to problems within the boiler. The condensate pipe is responsible for transporting acidic water produced by the waste gas from the boiler to the outside train. Hence, if the condensate pipe gets filled, you will get an alert sign from the boiler, which will show that there is some problem with the boiler and it cannot heat the water.

Lime buildup

The lime buildup is a very common thing in a boiler. If you notice that your boiler is making a deep rumbling sound like a giant kettle, then the boiler has serious problems that need to be fixed immediately; among the different problems is the lime buildup on the heat exchanger system is a crucial one. This will lead to noise from the boiler and prevent the water from getting heated.

Pressure faults

Suppose your boiler faces a pressure issue, and the pressure gauge shows a reading below 1. In that case, the boiler needs to be fixed immediately as the pressure valve might have got damaged, which will cause the boiler to stop heating the water effectively. The pressure fault can also be caused by the water leaking from the boiler, and hence the leaks need to be repaired at the earliest.

Broken thermocouple

If the thermocouple inside the boiler is broken, the gas supply will be interrupted. You will get a sign on your boiler if this issue takes place. The boiler pilot light will go out as soon as this problem occurs. Hence contact a mechanic and get the thermocouple changed to ensure that your boiler starts working well.

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