If you’ve installed a boiler in your home, you would want it to supply hot water throughout all seasons. What if the Boiler suddenly stops working? If this nightmarish situation occurs on a fine winter morning, then the same might seem highly distressing and stressful for the homeowner. A working boiler is essential, especially to help you survive through the chilly winter months. When the Boiler stops working, you might be left with no source of hot water for many days.

Under such circumstances, it is essential that you immediately contact professionals for boiler repair in Londonderry. After examining the same, the expert will be able to update you about the replacement or repair needs for the Boiler. However, if you keep your eyes open for the warning signs, you can avoid such surprises.

These particular signs are early notifications alarming you that your Boiler needs repair and servicing and the same is about to get damaged very soon. Read on to know more about the early warning signs.

Three warning signs suggest that it’s time for boiler repair

Strange sounds

Generally, a boiler will operate without any sound. However, if you notice cranking, creaking, or abnormal noise coming from the Boiler, it’s time to call a professional boiler expert to check the issue. Sometimes debris might get de[posited within the inner parts of the Boiler, giving rise to such strange noises. Get rid of the same with the help of complete boiler servicing.

Consistent odour

Are you getting a foul smell from the surroundings of the Boiler? If yes, there’s undoubtedly an issue of carbon monoxide from the Boiler. Along with such odour, if you see black spots around the casting of the Boiler, then surely it’s time for some repair and service. Getting rid of carbon monoxide as soon as possible is necessary as this might give rise to headaches, nausea and breathing problems.

High electric bill

If you find that the electric bill of your house has increased, then it is a problem with the Boiler. A damaged boiler generally extracts a lot of power to operate. Get in touch with professional boiler repair agents as soon as the number in the electric bill increases.

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