A boiler is a basic requirement for every household. Especially during the winters, the boiler plays an integral role in contributing to the house’s central heating system. While you’re seated inside in a comfortable environment, the boiler working round the clock might be consuming huge amounts of fuel. It is impossible to notice the fuel consumption rate unless you start getting hefty bills against the same.

Under such situations, a thorough evaluation of the boiler is necessary. This will help you to understand the reasons behind boiler fuel consumption. Also, make sure that you call a professional for boiler repair in Londonderry so that you can fix the issues that are persisting in the boiler.

What are the reasons behind high fuel consumption by boilers?

A standard and smooth working boiler will not consume high levels of fuel. If the boiler is damaged or faces any other operational problems, then the boiler will consume a lot of fuel as a source of energy. Due to increased moisture content in the boiler’s fuel, you might experience periods when the boiler will start consuming a lot of fuel. Further sudden changes in the steam consumption level will also increase fuel consumption.

Apart from the above-stated problems, if dirt gets filled inside the boiler tubes, then it is necessary to get the same cleaned as soon as possible; otherwise, the boiler’s fuel consumption will increase. When the tubes are blocked or filled with dirt, the water doesn’t smoothly pass through the same, and the boiler needs to exert pressure to get the same up. Hence, in the process, the boiler uses a lot of fuel.

How to save fuel usage in a boiler?

Modest improvements and complete repair and replacement of the damaged parts will help you get the boiler in place and effectively reduce fuel consumption. Ask the boiler repair experts to install blowdown heat exchangers. Apart from this, boiler fuel usage can be controlled in the following ways:

  • By initiating excess air reduction, you can control the boiler’s fuel consumption
  • By installing automatic boiler blowdown, the fuel usage can be controlled
  • By installing a stacked heat recovery system, the technicians can control the fuel usage
  • By reducing the boiler outlet fuel gas temperature, the consumption can be controlled

These are the best and most proven methods to keep the industrial and domestic boilers in running condition. Hire professionals for boiler repair in Londonderry from CPH Plumbing Heating Ltd. We are the trusted name for all types of boiler repair near you. Check our website for further details.