Sometimes you might face situations when you’ll see water leaking out from your plumbing system. It is not easy to find hidden water leaks inside the house. There are internal leaks that might result in emptying the water tank without knowing the same. To avoid water bills and bigger disasters, water leak repairs should be repaired immediately. If your home’s plumbing system is old, hire a professional plumber in Londonderry to make sure that the same gets checked thoroughly.

Water leaks result in water waste, lead to mould growth and damage the house’s internal structure. To find the hidden water leaks inside the house, follow these signs. This will help you detect the pipes’ problems and fix them at the earliest.

3 signs for hidden water leaks in your home

Rising water bills

Make sure that you pay close attention to the water bills you are paying every month. If you get the same amount every month, there’s nothing to fear. On the contrary, if you find a sudden rise in the water bills, then certainly you’ve been using more than the required amount of water for your house. That’s when you must try to look out for the hidden leaks in the house’s plumbing system. If the leak is present within the premises, then you might be lucky enough to find the same; otherwise, you’ll have to look for the same, and you might not be lucky to find the same.

Try toilet dye test

Toilet flushes are the most common places that might start leaking anytime. However, this goes unnoticed since after pressing the flush, we don’t stand even for a minute to check whether the water flow has stopped or not. You must try the toilet dye test often to check whether your toilet flush is a faulty one or not. Grab some food colouring and drop the same on the toilet tank. You can then wait for 10 minutes. If the coloured water stays, there’s surely a leak in the toilet’s plumbing system.

Check outdoor faucets

If the outdoor faucets or the plumbing system is at fault, then a lot of water will drain out from the tanks. Look out for the faucets and the lines to check if the water is sweeping out from the same. If yes, then fix it immediately.

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