Applying chemicals down the pipes might seem like the easiest option for getting rid of the stubborn clogs and specks of dirt. However, an easy option is not always the best one. If you observe a professional, you’ll notice that they never use chemical solutions for the cleanup process. Although initially, the process might seem quick and the cleanup process might be instigated, however later, the walls of the drain pipes get damaged with time. Hence, rather than trying your hands in using these chemical solutions, make sure that you hire professional plumbing services in Londonderry for your convenience.

They know the way out of the dust and can fix your drain without any problem. If you’re not certain about the issues that a drain cleaner might cause, then read on to know more.

How do chemical solutions work for drain cleaning?

Chemical drain cleaners are liquid, gel, foam and crystal form. However, the outcome is the same for all. You can apply these chemicals on clogged drains, and the electrons will readily react and clear off the passage. However, in cleaning the drain, these chemicals generate a high degree of heat that dissolves the clog and dissolves a part of the inner walls of the drain.

Rather than using chemical cleaners, you can thus successfully resort to using hot water. The chemical solutions generally have high toxicity levels and bleach in the solutions. Thus, rather than using them, you must take the help of a professional plumber in Londonderry. Moreover, there’s always a fear that while using the same, you might end up either swallowing or inhaling the same, which can affect the lungs and skin of the body.

How do chemical drain cleaning solutions damage the drain pipes?

Chemical drain cleaners cause harm to the pipes and the drains and hurt the humans who are using the same. The high level of toxic acid present in the solutions will eat away the pipes along with the debris. Hence, the professional cleaners don’t prefer using the same. Moreover, some portion of the caustic chemical settles down on the inner walls of the pipes.

Older pipes and PVC are more susceptible to damage from the chemical drain cleaners than new ones. Hence if you start using the same unknowingly, then there’s a high probability that the same might get affected in the long run.

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