To unclog a bathroom sink, you must know the exact thing blocking the sink. You can use vinegar solutions or hire professional plumbers in Londonderry to get rid of the blocked drains. However, depending on the type of material stuck into the pipes, the decision to unclog the same will occur. For minor clogs, simple acidic solutions or vinegar works best. Still, if your bathroom sink is blocked with a more significant chunk or piece of materials, then the clogged drain will need to be cleared with the help of professional intervention.

For large clogs, drain snakes or plungers works the best. Hence, you must identify the thing that’s blocking your drains. In the case of a bathroom sink, chunks of hair are the most common thing that blocks the drain. If the bathroom sink is completely clogged and the water cannot pass even after you’ve applied pressure and acid in the drainpipe, call the professionals immediately to get rid of the same.

How to unclog the bathroom sink successfully?

Baking soda and vinegar

This is an effective DIY method that you can use to clean your bathroom sink. By mixing the baking soda with the vinegar in a cup, you can create a fizzy liquid and pour it down the bathroom drain pipes. This acidic solution will easily clean up the oil, grease, hair, and grime stuck on the inner walls of the drain pipes. However, allow the solution to sit for hours before washing it down. This is effective if you want to clear minor drain problems.

Hot boiling water

This is also a simple and effective trick if you don’t have the acid in hand. Boil water and pour it down the bathroom drain pipe. The boiling water will clear out the complete dirt from the drain pipes and help you get rid of the clogged pipe.

Professional pipe cleaning

Hire professionals for the job if it’s a major clogging problem. They will use jet washers to push away the materials, whatever is blocking the drain pipes. They also sometimes remove the sink trap underneath and place the empty bucket to catch the materials stuck into the pipe. This way, the pipe is cleared, and the drain is unclogged.

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